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HGSC Training Activity Books

ATTENTION COACHES and all other seekers of the soccer truth! 

We at Hamilton Girls Soccer Club have now created and made available fully accessible and printable PDFs of activities that you, the volunteer coach can run during your team practices! They are, in short, a virtual cornucopia of ideas to help the players on your rec team learn the skills to help them play better soccer and make it easy for you the explain and set up!

We have compiled these training activities BY DIVISION so check them out and see what activities you want to include into your team practices! You'll be glad ya did!


US Youth Soccer is keeping a wonderful resource alive for use by youth soccer coaches.  They have made available electronic versions of their timeless Practice Activities for the Parent Coach and we at Hamilton Girls Soccer are happily making them available to YOU - our volunteer Parent Coaches!

Written in by Tom Fleck and John Cossaboon and published in 1988, it is now available electronically in PDF form for free!
These are a great resource for ideas to do at your practices/training sessions with your players! Print them out or view online or download a copy to your mobile device!...It's all there! These make coaching easy!

The goal of the US Youth Soccer Board of Directors is to make coaching materials available for free or at a very reasonable cost to the youth soccer coach.  They want thousands upon thousands of American coaches using the materials. See for more details!
Select and click the appropriate document for the age group/Division you are coaching!

D Division C Division  B Division


Thinking about stepping up and coaching your daughter, niece, or younger sister's team but not sure of what to do at practices/training sessions?!

Here we have provided some resources for you! Remember to keep your practices FUN!

First and foremost please check out the Hamilton Girls Soccer Club Coaches Handbook!

And here's some pointers on How To Write a Training Session for your team or group!

WHY does Hamilton Girls Soccer play soccer in a Small Sided Game format?! Here's the reasons published by US Youth Soccer! 
For MORE INFO on Small-Sided Soccer Game Format go to: 

Hamilton Girls Soccer Club Code of Conduct

The mission of the Hamilton Girls Soccer Club is to provide a safe, fun, and sportsmanlike atmosphere for young girls of Hamilton Township and its surrounding communities to learn and participate in the game of soccer.

Our organization is comprised of the players, their parents, volunteer coaches, referees, division directors and an Executive Board.  The success of our program depends on the collective efforts of, and cooperation among ALL participants. To ensure the continued success of our program, we have identified the responsibilities of each participant. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct. Any breach of this policy can result in suspension or removal from club activities.

The Coach

1. Provides well-planned fun, appropriate, challenging practices in a safe practice environment.

2. Creates an atmosphere of fairness, trust, and encouragement.

3. Maintains discipline at all times.

4. Inspects fields to ensure that it is safe and playable.

5. Provides well-planned game plan that includes player assignments and probable substitutions.

6. Ensure fair playing time to all players.

7. Develops, by example, good sportsmanship in players.

8. Maintains control of players and fans during games.

9. Makes no comment to officials during the game. Thanks the officials after the game.

10. Treats players, opponents, and officials with respect and courtesy.


Ideas from Red Bulls

Another great resource we offer to you (we have a lot of them don't we?!) is a document of youth training ideas from the Red Bulls Youth Soccer Academy! We have packaged together in the document some of the best training ideas they have that we felt were appropriate for the recreational player.  These activities are well explained in detail and are perfect for you, oh humble recreational volunteer coach!

Click below to explore this wealth of knowledge that we have gathered for your consumption! Happy practicing!



The US Soccer Federation in 2011 released the official US Soccer Coaching Curriculum. Part of this document included the explanation of basic soccer tactics! Both attacking and defending tactics are explained and shown.

Below is the link oh reader, to a wealth of knowledge to help you and especially your players understand the game of soccer and how it really is a team game! Do not hesitate to print out a page or two of this and show while explaining to your players!

US Soccer Coaching Guidelines - Tactics

The author of this document was none other that NJ born National player Claudio Reyna!


Coaches (& players!!). US Youth Soccer has made available clips of specific soccer techniques for you to view, learn, and teach to your players! These skill topics and examples range from the Push Pass, Wedge Trap, Instep Drive, Receiving Ground Balls to Crossing the ball, Chipping, and Goalkeeper Punting! Something for ALL age levels!
We at have provided YOU the link at 
Speaking of video clips, Red Bull Training Academy is no slouch in that department either! Thye have videos detailing the very techical to the basic push pass! Check out the Red Bull Training Program Library here:
NYRB Training Programs Playlist on YouTube

So grab a ball, turn up the volume on your computer or hand-held device and get ready to learn! Then pass these skills on to your players or direct them to this page!!
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